"To give as many patients with an ocular inflammatory disease the opportunity to be enrolled in a clinical trial, clinical study or contribute to a Biobank from point of diagnosis onwards in order to improve care and outcomes for themselves and patients with similar conditions in the future"



Our remit is:

  • To support and develop a portfolio of clinical studies directed for studies and clinical trials for patient benefit in all areas of ocular inflammation across the UK. We do this by working through a research network of clinicians and researchers working with patients with ocular inflammation.  


  • To partner with Ophthalmology charities and patient groups to develop research priorities and research studies.


  • To work with  the National Insitute of Health Research's  Clinical Research Network in Ophthalmology in helping to define research priorities in Ocular Inflammation and to gain support and subsequent adoption of research studies onto the CRN portfolio for delivery.


Please find us on twitter @UveitisCSG, and LinkedIn